Sunday, December 18, 2016

resisting change at farley's

The Guardian is doing a great series called Interview with a Bookstore, and they just featured one of the world's finest, my hometown shop of Farley's in New Hope, Pennsylvania. As an added bonus, the quotes inside the article include a few from librarian-up-no-good and long-time Farley's employee, the fabulous Ms Kristina Bauman.

The photo the New York Times took of me for the feature they did when The Ice Beneath You came out in 2002 was taken in the Farley's stacks (wish I had that photo, I was skinny then...sadly the Times stripped the photos from their archive articles), and one of the two fabulous parties we had when In Hoboken came out was also squeezed into Farley's tight spaces. I've loved this store since I was a kid. Long may it rock.