Monday, December 29, 2008


The smallest Bauman demonstrates the sure sign of a good day of skiing.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the space you need

Daughter Kristina sent me this link, to a photo gallery of writer's rooms. (Be sure to click the little tag for SHOW CAPTIONS under the view window, so you can see which author belongs to which office.)

Kristina has a vested interest in this because, being a transient between-houses child, for a while there her room was also my office. (Sorry, Krissy.)

The photo gallery is great, much fun. I guess I come from a completely different generation, though. The laptop has really changed everything. And maybe I've changed, as well.

I used to think I needed a grand space. Books all around, solitude, great desk, notes tacked everywhere. Over the years, though, that concept has just drifted away from my life. When we gutted and rebuilt our house a few years ago, it finally died for good, I guess; we didn't really build a "writing place." I do have an office with a desk, sort of. But it's also the dog room, and more for paying bills and storing things. I do write in there from time to time, when I need to close a door and have silence. But I'm more likely to be at the kitchen table, or maybe up in the play room, which has a great view of the woods. Or, this time of the year, sitting in front of the wood stove in the living room. And those are just the home options. Fact is, most of my writing is done on the train these days.

Below: the laptop in action on my kitchen counter.

stop dragging my heart around

Hands down, the most fun I had in high school was being the drummer in a garage band. In a high school career that was mostly miserable with a few bright spots, this was the absolute brightest. It's a no-brainer, really. Is it possible to have more fun than playing in a rock band, at any age? I don't think so. We were called Hypothermia, because we practiced in the unheated loft of my barn. That's how I got the gig, actually. I wasn't a very good drummer. But I had a drum set and a place where the band could practice. That's really half the battle. Matt Williams (who played bass and owned all the equipment) and I say now we were the most dysfunctional rhythm section in rock history. And that's saying something.

This pic below was shot moments after our first gig (a 60s-theme dance in the old Girls' Gym at the high school). I'm quite sure I will be hunted down and hurt for posting this picture on the internet.

Check out the suede-fringed boots and coral necklace. Yeah, baby. I really made some stunning fashion decisions at the age of 15.

Say what you will, though. We had a great time. And I don't know too many high school bands with the balls to attempt "Scenes From An Italian Restauant." A few of these guys are still out there playing (Matt, Gregg, Karl).

Matt got married this summer, to another old friend of ours, Beth. We posed for the occasion in the pic below...not a pair of parachute pants to be found...

The great news is that Beth and Matt are now proud parents of baby Maeve. Congratulations guys.