Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my president, Barack Obama

I was driving home late on the night of the third, listening to the radio, and heard someone (Tavis Smiley?) say: "I want to live again in a country that is as good as its promise."

And now, on the afternoon of the fifth, that's exactly how I feel, but in the present tense. That is, for the first time in 8 years, I feel like there truly is the potential to again have my country be as good as its promise.

I'm writing today from Pittsburgh, the left coast of my fair state. There is no significance to that except that I am reminded of how damn long my state is, a fact I sometimes forget.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

voting with vin...early and often

Returned to WFUV New York and Vin Scelsa's lair on Saturday, for another visit on Idiot's Delight. Always a good time. Joining us in conversation this time were Cintra Wilson (who did a Caligula monologue from her new novel that was just hysterical) and Marc Aronson (editor of the War Is... anthology mentioned below). This link has the whole 4 hour broadcast in a zip file. Our conversation spanned the first two hours. I read "Letter to a Young Enlistee" in its entirety for the first time (minus a few choice F-bombs), which was a more disturbing experience than I expected it to be. All around, good radio, if you have 2 hours to kill.

And RIP, Studs Terkel.