Wednesday, January 5, 2011

best nonrequired reading

I just found out a nonfiction piece of mine from last year got a nice "Notable" mention in the 2010 Best Nonrequired Reading. The essay is called "Our Father," and can be found through this link to it at the NY Times.
What's the piece about? Hard to say. Here's how it's described at Identity Theory, who published it: Entwined contemplations of author Chris Hedges (War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning) and former ad-man Bruce Bauman, and their respective relationships to this essay’s author (a ne’er-do-well novelist and ex-soldier); one poem by Gerald Stern and that poet’s perceptions of God and Paul Giamatti; the writing process of an older book by Hedges (wherein there be soldiers) and the contents of a more recent book by Hedges (wherein there be Fascists); Ocean City, New Jersey tongue-talkers who later go on to become hosts of the 700 Club; what it means to be a born-again Episcopalian Jew; Ralph Nader’s time in the army; and trying quite unsuccessfully to stop the war in Iraq.
Yep. That's about it. Easy. As easy as anything about your family can be.
Anyway, my great thanks to Identity Theory for publishing it, as well as publishing a whole slew of my stuff over the past 10 years. Matt B and his friends are great people, and IDt should be on your weekly reading list.