Sunday, November 2, 2008

voting with vin...early and often

Returned to WFUV New York and Vin Scelsa's lair on Saturday, for another visit on Idiot's Delight. Always a good time. Joining us in conversation this time were Cintra Wilson (who did a Caligula monologue from her new novel that was just hysterical) and Marc Aronson (editor of the War Is... anthology mentioned below). This link has the whole 4 hour broadcast in a zip file. Our conversation spanned the first two hours. I read "Letter to a Young Enlistee" in its entirety for the first time (minus a few choice F-bombs), which was a more disturbing experience than I expected it to be. All around, good radio, if you have 2 hours to kill.

And RIP, Studs Terkel.