Thursday, December 20, 2007

Detz or Debts, he's still Karl Dietel to me

First day of high school (September, 1984), first period, the guy sitting behind me was Gregg Cagno, and the guy sitting next to me was Karl Dietel. Note the alphabetization. By junior year, we were, respectively, the drummer, rhythm guitar player, and keyboard player for Hypothermia, a rockin' little unit of a high school band that had the audacity to attempt things like "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant." When Matt and Mike graduated a year before us (they weren't smarter, just older) the band changed (wipe a tear)...but ultimately the friendships stayed. Karl did a lot of dubious things like playing bass with me whenever I asked him to, usually for no money (dear Jesus, who can count the brain cells lost at Miller's Tavern?)...and he did a lot of very cool things, too. Like the fact that he's gone on to become the keyboard player for The Samples and travels around in a tour bus and plays Red Rocks and shit like that.

Anyway, my friend releases his first solo album this week. Congratulations, KD.