Sunday, November 9, 2014

dracula, gorey, and how neville died

Here's the Dracula poster I mentioned below. Great stuff. Hung on my wall for years when I was a kid (really a kid; I saw this production of Dracula when I was 7 or 8.)

Thursday night was very fun. My thanks to hosts Melville House Publishers and Ms Crispin and I did a little talking about Gorey; had found the original obituary from the Times on the day of his death in 2000 that I had ripped out and shoved away, and shared that; then turned to a poster-sized version of The Gashleycrumb Tinies and we had ourselves a good old fashioned ABC reading. My favorite of the 26 little passion plays? Neville, shown below.

(Need to do some Xmas shopping? You could do worse than starting here...)

The actual point of Thursday evening was the first annual Daphne Awards, and it was quite fun. Will be interesting to see what's on the list for next year.