Sunday, December 18, 2011

hypothermia reunion

So... we actually did it. The Friday after turkey day, 25 years (give or take) after our last gig, we set up shop at the Pattenburg Inn off of ol' Route 78. The sign to the left there pretty much says it all. Bang for your buck, my friends. Bang for your buck.

Let me just say, I had a great time. Twenty years without drumsticks in my hands and I'd forgotten how much fun it is to pound the shit out of a 5-piece drum kit. And whatever instrument, there's not much more fun than plugging your way through some good ol rock and roll with a bunch of guys who never fail to crack you up. No one can make you laugh like guys you went to high school with. No hiding from those fellas. Mike, Matt, Karl, Gregg...all good, man. All good.

So, we came out swinging...literally, me flailing away at those cymbals. Who's gonna tell me to keep it quiet? My music teacher from high school who was sitting at the bar, perhaps. But he kindly kept it to himself.

One good long set, then we took a break, drank some beer, polished up the cowbells. After the break we did a little acoustic set. I even sang a few.

Then back behind the drums for the second set. Karl strapped on a squeezebox for "Squeezebox." Priceless. And love the shot over the bottles below.

And the music aside, it was so great to see so many people I haven't seen in such a long time. This was about the closest I've come to a high school reunion, and it was really cool to see Nic, Virg, Graham, Nancy (or rather, N. Elise), Kenny C.... Everything I wrote here a few years ago basically sums it up.