Tuesday, August 23, 2011

there is a town in north ontario

As August naps its way toward completion, Bill Donahue and I had a long chat about where I live and why. He distilled that down into this piece. But as it turns out, I'm currently not where I live right now. I'm here:

Staying there (look up). Doing this (look right). And walking, and fishing, and a lot of eating. No shortage of sleeping, either. Spending a lot of time thinking about someone in Boston.

Here for another few days. Then in the car headed southeast to take a peek at Niagara Falls, from the Canadian side. Last there when I was six, I believe. I wonder if it will remember me.

Ontario is nice. For the last 15 years or so we've spent part of each February in Quebec. The Canadians got it going on. They just do. When the zombie apocalypse hits, look for me here. Actually, don't look for me here, because you might bring something unwanted with you. But here is where I will be.