Sunday, October 31, 2010


The occasion of this -- the only known photo with two Baumans smiling at the same time -- was sitting on the tailgate celebrating the successful move-in of Kristina and Logan to their new studio apartment in Lambertville. They got a great place, just steps from the best sandwiches in the river towns: Ennis deli (which I wrote about in this essay). They'll be around for a year, and then we'll see where their adventures take them...

It's so good to have Krissy local again, though. She came over yesterday with a new bow and arrow set. When asked where she acquired the weaponry, she answered with the immortal words of Timmy Turner: "Internet."

Krissy, Fiona, and friend Lexi pummeled the hell out of a cardboard box for an hour or so. Very, very fun. Scared the cat.

And then when the sun went down, it was over to Gayle's for annual pumpkin carving. A smaller group this year, but good to see everyone, and some wicked jack-o-lanterns as a result. We lit them all and scattered them around the garden afterward, then sat by the fire and drank our beer and watched the pumpkins flicker and glow. Tonight, back to Lambertville for the main event. Happy Halloween, y'all.