Friday, November 16, 2007

Hoboken is coming...

My favorite part of writing a novel is the editing. The heavy lifting is long done (hopefully), the manuscript has sat undisturbed and unlooked at (by me, anyway) for months. And then one day a fat envelope arrives from the publisher, with all these words, and a bunch of ideas and thoughts in red from the editor. And then the fun begins: making it right.

So, the editor in this case is the talented and charming Dennis Loy Johnson, the publisher is Melville House. I feel lucky to have them publishing In Hoboken. Lucky and very much in good company. Recent books they've done have included works by Andre Schiffrin, Stephen Dixon, Tao Lin, Lewis Lapham, Benoit Duteurtre. And their books have beautiful covers. I just saw the conver for In Hoboken...very cool. Dennis says bookstores in March 2008.

In other news: Joel Turnipseed never fails to be in my top 5 people I'd like to share a bottle of wine and a conversation with at any given moment. Writer, thinker, reader, Go player, Marine veteran. He's blogging now.